Monday, 3 October 2011

Poetry days, radio days...

Our garden, on Friday

So this week in the UK it's National Poetry Day (it's on Thursday - events and info here). However after a few years of my own events and activity for NPD this year I plan to do nothing special whatsoever for it (yay). It's school holidays here at this time of year and we're all at home so we're having a quiet family kind of a week instead. I'm feeling very laid-back... it's great.

Yesterday, for example, I spent a crazy amount of time sorting out one of the rooms upstairs (so many papers, so many boxes of stuff/old photos/birthday cards, so much dust!) but the best bit of it was listening to the radio all day (I don't seem to have done that for ages). It was great too - on BBC 6 Music they were doing specials for National Poetry Day/Week so we got an interview with the founder of said annual poetry celebration (William Sieghart) on the Cerys Matthews show in the morning (quite interesting - listen here). But then, even better, there was an absolute giant of a poetry segment on the Jarvis Cocker show at 4pm. Jarvis interviewed poet/former Poet Laureate, Andrew Motion, and though I've never been a Motion fan (or, to be honest a Cocker fan... I like him but not any of his music particularly to date... though I guess things can always change) it was a really interesting interview (listen here). It's more about poetry in general than Motion's own work and a lot of it concentrates on his involvement in the Poetry Archive (which is a fabulous resource).

So much culture content... and the room is tidy too (at last). Win win.



Titus said...

Like the sound of the Jarvis Cocker - will tune in. I rather enjoy Motion when he's reflecting.

I love clear-outs. Don't do it enough.

hope said...

I can only enjoy cleaning for a little while, then I get lost in the memories of the "stuff", that tugs at me not to throw it away.

And then I think about dusting it all and things get clearer. :)

Glad you're taking YOU time as well!

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, T, if I get time this week I will listen to some of the Jarvis show again. It was good stuff.

Hope, I didn't throw any good stuff away! Just stuff I never should have kept in the first place...


Marion McCready said...

Nice pic! I took a pic of Fuschias yesterday!

Rachel Fox said...

I saw it on facebook!