Monday, 7 March 2016

Another train

Crossing the Firth of Forth, 5/3/16

Poems seem to be coming thick and fast now. I'm out of practice but I know posting them on blogs is not the way you do it. Ha! So here it is.


A death in the family
Sees me on the train south.
From Leuchars my neighbour
Is on a similar mission;
It is sad, undeniably.
It is that time of year.

We cover some ground:
Friends, family, pets, illness.
A man over the table
Makes a mess with a pasty,
Greasy crumbs shining
In the folds of his shirt.

We change at Newcastle;
Fresh start, new people.
A baby is fussed.
Men in suits deliberate
The European question.
Times don’t change.

Two days pass, back facing north,
I upgrade because I can,
Because it’s Saturday,
Because travelling makes me twitch,
At least to begin with.
I get a ‘free’ sandwich.

In the big seats we look relaxed.
What do you know; comfort is comfortable.
I pipe heavenly Sufjan 
Through cheap headphones.
“We’re all gonna die”, his refrain, track six.
I know, I think. We know. We know.

RF 2016


The Bug said...

Nice! We're going to funeral tomorrow - we were already visiting family when one of Mike's uncles died. I guess it's convenient, since we're already here. Sigh.

Rachel Fox said...

Love to you and Mike, Dana. x