Saturday, 12 March 2016

Simply this

What we want

Just to get on with things,
ordinary things,
exceptional things.

To take an unmolested walk,
or to the floor,
or our own time.

We want to be somebody,
and so do you,
you want that too.

RF 2016

I posted this elsewhere the other day - one of those places where things move quickly and you don't even get to be fish and chip paper afterwards. Here it can live a little longer... maybe till it gets to be a postcard or something. There are a lot of 'we's, and a lot of 'you's.


The Bug said...

I enjoyed seeing this again. My boss has had a disappointment at work due to stupid men, and she's determined to start playing "the game" their way, while helping as many women up the ladder as she can. I'll be interested to see how it goes!

Rachel Fox said...

Indeed. Good luck to her!

This poem was prompted by a men vs women incident but I have kept the 'we's and 'you's vague on purpose as I think the behaviour and feelings are the same (or similar) or lots of different divisions. And of course the divisions can be various at the same time!