Wednesday, 15 June 2016



Partly I just like the feel of it,
It makes me a man,
Little else does that.

I like its shape, its strength,
What it says to people,
Fear me.

And I am scrawny and ugly,
And nothing you care about,
But you know my name,


RF 2010

I wrote this poem for the online Poetry Bus back in 2010. It seemed at least a little relevant this week, if not every week. Sad story follows sad story.

The photo is from a visit to Crosby last year where we saw the Antony Gormley work 'Another Place'. 

I'm working on putting together a little book/pamphlet (my first since 2008's 'More about the song') so I've been looking through poems, deciding which deserve a bit more of a push (and which should be hidden forever!). This poem, for example, is a maybe (I have several categories - probably, maybe, maybe maybe... and so on). I have a title for the project though so part of the way there...


Rachel Fenton said...

Look forward to the pamphlet. I hope the poem makes it, though I hope there is no more need for it. xx

Rachel Fox said...

I've been a bit off-blog, off-line, out-of-everything for a while... nice to see old friends on here though! Thanks for reading.

The Bug said...

Excellent poem. And, since we here in the US are INSANE, I'm sure it will be relevant for years to come. Sigh.

hope said...

Of all the ironic posts to "find" you again! I was decidedly tired of reading news here which is terrible and more, so I decided to see if any of my "Invisible Friends" from Blog World were around and THERE YOU WERE!

Don't know how I missed your return but I promise to pay better attention. Hope all is well in your world. At the moment, I'm clinging to my state's motto, "While I breathe, I hope".

Rachel Fox said...

Dana Bug - insanity knows no frontiers...

Hope - hello again. I've been a bit elsewhere for a while but here I am again...

On the subject of manliness... 3 more days to watch the excellent Grayson Perry 'All Man' online

Rachel Fox said...

It should be noted that I posted this old poem here on 15th June, prompted in large part by the killings in Orlando. And then yesterday (16th June) a politician, Jo Cox, was stabbed and shot to death in the area of Yorkshire, England where we lived before we moved to Scotland.