Tuesday, 13 September 2016

In the trees...

No name

Never used to be this vague,
Had definition,
Had pronouns,
Went places,
Knew things.

Now, lately, amongst trees,
There’s merging,
Less edge,
More wood,
Gaps blurring.

Could make fear,
But that’s spent.
Time is a record
With new groove.
Oak, larch, pine.

RF 2016

It seems the poetry sickness is back for sure... it's not even Friday yet and here I am. Anyway, to quote Stevie Wonder, "I don't want to bore you with it..." but I will continue because it doesn't hurt anybody and I know some people are reading (despite comment sparsity - the stats say so and so do actual human beings.. when I encounter them...). There have been tree poems before (old one here, back in Poetry Bus days...). There will be again...

Today's photo was taken in a tree in California in May 2011.


The Bug said...

Lovely words! I feel rather amorphous & lacking in parts of speech myself these days.

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks Dana. Good to know I'm not alone in the wood...x