Thursday, 5 January 2017


Make forever

I sprinkle you lightly
Wherever I go.
Ashes are ashes,
Dust is dust,
And we’re the same,
All crumbling.

The artists outside
Are sticking and slapping,
Building and raising,
A freaky palace here,
A rambling folly there,
Their reign is free.

Words can work too,
Make whoopee.
A daft bat in a hat
With a fistful of tat,
Is scribbling, giggling,
Wailing, nailing.

And the woods still grow,
Still call out names.
So, here and there,
Do what you can,
But don’t give in,
No, never that.

RF 2017

Not exactly a New Year message. Just something I've been working on a for a while. It may change again... just throwing it out into the 'world' for a bit. Photo is from early December 2016.


Niamh B said...

Blogs are indeed definitely back. Nice to see you up and running!!!

The Bug said...

I love the mood of this - especially since I have some of my mother's ashes here on a shelf...