Saturday, 28 January 2017



Aye, you were that right enough,
Write from the start,
A story once heard,
A presence so light,
Like a pulling together
Of all the best words.

And paths aren’t plans;
We are our own page.
Read us in peace,
Sing us on streets,
As la-la-la-la lullabyes,
Tra-la-la-la love yous.

RF 2017

It's new. First line sounds pretty Scottish (to me) but then we have been living here 14 and a half years now... Photo was taken in Musselburgh in October 2016.


hope said...

This one made me smile. Nice to know that my friends offer hope while my country spirals into I don't know what. Thanks for boosting my "hope" factor for the week.

Rachel Fox said...

Hi Hope,
Yes, there much to despair over but somethings to celebrate too... people are standing up to the bullying mentality in so many places and ways. The women's marches last week were amazing!

Dónal said...

I love pulling together all the best words, it sounds sumptuous! (Niamh here again btw, not bothering to log himself out)

Rachel Fox said...

Poor man, does he even like poetry..?