Monday, 7 November 2011

Green and greenerer...

Photo taken just up the road here, whilst out dogwalking last week. This was the photo I used for the pastel pic that I put on facebook this weekend (for those of you who saw it). That was class number 6. This week watercolours!

Last week I did something I haven't done for ages - I read a poem of mine aloud at the local folk club. It was a new poem (very new) inspired by the documentary about Donald Trump and his Scottish golf project (that I wrote about at some length here). Obviously all the Occupy protests are probably rolling about in there somewhere too. And lots of other things.

Now I know Trump will be quaking in his... what would it be... overpriced loafers to hear that British poets are writing about him... but still, protest comes in many forms... and from tiny acorns and all that. (N.B. Some changes to this poem since first posting... minor ones).

Money for green

So often money talks.
It says 'move over',
'what's yours is mine'
and 'boy, I like it here
this place is fine'.

Money can curl,
can twist the path around,
flash off its golden grin,
buy up the open road,
then kick the bloody door right in.

So often money burns
smoke in your eyes.
It takes the cleanest day,
stamps on its face,
thinks that's OK.

And money may not show
it's busy all the time,
it may not even call,
and then who knows for sure, for sure,
if it's really there at all.

RF 2011


Marion McCready said...

Nice one, and I likes your facebook pastel. I thought the whole Trump golf course plan had been shelved?!

Rachel Fox said...

No, no... the recent announcement was that he wasn't building the hotel/houses ("villas") just now because of the "global financial crisis" but plans to open the course itself are still in place for 2012. See here


Rachel Fox said...

p.s. But whether they open or not the damage has been done to the dune systems already. The film shows that pretty clearly.

Ken Armstrong said...

A poem...
Read aloud...

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, really I should have recorded audio for the post... tech support was elsewhere though. Like at work.

The Solitary Walker said...

Hey! Nice to see a poem. Really like it.

It's a crime...'

Rachel Fox said...

I know... not many poems on this new blog. I have been writing a bit but those poems are for other projects so can't go on here - not yet anyway. Plus there's not the weekly write for the Poetry Bus anymore. Plus the art class...

The Weaver of Grass said...

I like the poem Rachel. When we were in New York we went into Trump Tower, which is very over the top. I would rather like to see you poem framed and up on the wall.

Rachel Fox said...

Nice idea, Weaver. Maybe I should send them a copy!

Rachel Fenton said...

Excellent work, Smithers...I'd quite like to see that poem being read by Mr T. As in Mr T

Ah, the light in the pic - you capture it well.

Rachel Fox said...

I did ask advice from teacher as to the sky. She give good advice!