Friday, 21 April 2017

Another love

Not much blogging here... much working... bit of a holiday... family business... keep wishing I could blog 'hey, my new book is available' but still working on getting it out in quite the right way. In the meantime listening to some music (in and around everything else) and sharing with you my latest love, musically anyway, Rhiannon Giddens (above). Maybe you already know her work but if not resolve that issue right away! I loved the Carolina Chocolate Drops' album 'Leaving Eden' (2012) and then I really loved Giddens' first solo album 'Tomorrow is my Turn' (2015) and now I am pleased to report that her new solo album 'Freedom Highway' is another great collection of songs - fantastic singing, great playing, lovely variety, real strength to the whole thing. Can you tell... I just love her. I've always fallen in love a little with my favourite musicians/songwriters (I think that's pretty common) - some you stay in love with your whole life, others it's just a quick fling and 'never speak of it again'. I used to write about this kind of thing a lot on the old blog... it feels almost nostalgic to be doing it again. More about the song... still quite a ring to that phrase (for me anyway!).

Here is one of the songs from 'Freedom Highway' called 'We Could Fly' (but as I say the album is very varied so don't think it's 8 songs like this one because it is anything but that). Feel free to comment and tell me your latest musical loves... or just enjoy this: