Sunday, 24 May 2020

A series of feels

Dundee Law, May 2020

Feels 3 (the end of the rainbow)
24th May 2020

The window art
Is looking tired,
so god only knows
how our carers feel.
They are human, yes.
They are more; yes, and no.
Still lies are everywhere
And we must see them.

Feels 2
12th May 2020

The dandelion seeds
have flown before,
and this is not the first time
we have seen spring.
It is different, yes.
It is the same; yes, and no.
But love is everywhere,
we just don’t see it.

9th May 2020

The gaps between us
are not new,
and this is not the first time
we have worn masks.
It is different, yes.
It is the same; yes, and no.
But pain is everywhere,
we just don’t see it.

I thought I should post them in one place and in order. Video/audio of the first two is here.

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Rework, remake, restart

In January I took part in the Funaday Dundee (FADD) daily art challenge (which was in itself quite a challenge - I didn't do much writing in 2019, never mind work on any other artistic pursuits). The offline exhibition of the work done in January, due to take place in April, has been postponed of course but in the meantime FADD are posting weekly prompts on social media and last Monday's was 'continuous line'. At the moment, unfortunately, the first line my mind thought of was that on an ECG machine but I decided to keep away from that thought and turn towards something more about life (my last post was fairly death-centred, as it was...). So on Tuesday I reworked an old poem ('The big sound') and the result is above. I'm never sure whether it's a pessimistic or an optimistic poem (which I think is a good thing, I know some of my work is obvious 'bash you on the head, it's so clear what I am saying' stuff so a bit of ambiguity is more than welcome for me and, probably, for you too, dear readers).  

Most of the FADD work is on Instagram (using the hashtag #FADDcreatives this time around) so hop over there to see what people are up to. You don't have to be in Dundee to take part (or even in Scotland). The distraction is good, if you can manage it.