Friday, 24 February 2017



It came to me like a dream, you see,
There I was - drunk as a sailor,
A sailor who's lost a ship perhaps,
And then it was suddenly slap-bang in front me,
Right sharp where I could see it,
Staring at me, in my face.

I saw you, me and all that laughing,
A lot of blood, a splash of time,
A little your place or mine,
And it was a mess alright, one hell of a mess,
Some folks would tidy up,
But that's not me.

No, love be damned – I'll let it lie,
The full graffiti of our lives,
I'll leave it red, raw as it is,
Stripped back with gusto to see the glory,
For we had everything, amongst our troubles,
We had the best times, the brightest highs.

RF 2010

Busy with this and (very much) that just now so here is an old poem that hasn't been out and about much.  And a photo from summer 2013 too.

Friday, 3 February 2017

What is down

Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco, May 2011


Who talks about despair?
It’s boring, a deep hole.
And what to say?
The dance is hard.

You felt it, for sure;
The evidence is stone.
But we can’t talk about it,
Not now.

RF 2017

It's been a while since I wrote anything even remotely about my Dad. He killed himself way back in 1973 and Mum died in 2010 so her loss kind of took over, in the parental bit of my mind, from the very old history of his. But I suppose the fact that there is so much news just now that can depress a decent caring person (i.e. all the people I like online and in the flesh) has brought thoughts of depression back into the foreground for me (what it is, how to deal with it, how to get things done in a world that seems so difficult and... mental at times). I'm not depressed myself, I should point out. I do feel down here and there but usually with good reason. And there is much to feel good about just now too... we join together, we oppose together, we do not let them pass...