Thursday, 24 March 2016

This year's fears

This year’s fears

So some of us are scared of airports;
The flatness of them,
The waiting,
The type of possibilities.

Also tunnels;
Smoky, dark tunnels,
Where there should be light,
And air.

Some of us fear forgetfulness;
Being useless,
Not helping,
Letting the rest of us down.

‘The rest of us’ fear night and day,
That nothing will ever be right again,
That ‘home’ and ‘safe’ are old words,
For other people.

And some of us are just scared;
That soon even fear will disappear,
That it is nearly over,
Whatever it was.

RF 2016

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Simply this

What we want

Just to get on with things,
ordinary things,
exceptional things.

To take an unmolested walk,
or to the floor,
or our own time.

We want to be somebody,
and so do you,
you want that too.

RF 2016

I posted this elsewhere the other day - one of those places where things move quickly and you don't even get to be fish and chip paper afterwards. Here it can live a little longer... maybe till it gets to be a postcard or something. There are a lot of 'we's, and a lot of 'you's.