Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Not that union...

So another Mo Fest (Montrose Music Festival) gone by here. Another weekend of sunshine and toons, toons, toons. Last year I wrote about how Montrose was (kind of) like New Orleans... this year... less writing but a song about another bit of the U.S. (above) from a band I saw on Sunday night in a local pub (one of the band, Brooks Williams, is a Georgian...). The band is State of the Union (nothing to do with Alex Salmond...) and I'd seen them before but it was an especially enjoyable night this time. Something about the weather, the blur of the busy weekend, the just being in the backroom ('lounge') of a pub in what some people might call the middle of nowhere (though I wouldn't obviously... any place can be cool, any place can be crap...) listening to such great music. I mean, there was a chalk board in front of the band saying 'food available in car park'... and there's something about that kind of detail. Maybe I'll even form a band now called 'food available in car park'... No. I won't. 
Anyway, things to do, offline to be. State of the Union are touring just now by the way and they have a new, second, album called "Snake Oil" (which I listened to three times yesterday like a teenager). Details on their website. And yes, this blog is just turning into a random series of songs. Again.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Bad blogger, good song

I know. I've been a bad blogger, an absent blogger, a person doing unbloggable things. Luckily, however, others are at work doing things I can post publicly about so here is Montrose singer/songwriter/musician Gary Anderson with his new song. Gary took my Michael Marra poem as a starting point but he has put in a lot of his own words and ideas into the song (and even some Marra too). It's good work. Enjoy. Sing along, why don't you?