Thursday, 19 September 2019


Napoleon and me

You walked so fast.
It was more of a march.
A whole lot of cannons
To inspect by teatime.

Quel odd city break
For an offbeat couple –
Private angry young man,
Smart barrel of a brat.

Half-brother, half-leader,
I tried to decipher.
But what you’ve never felt
Is a story, no more.

Our family was a bag
Of broken biscuits,
Though all cookies crumble,

We are nothing now.
No trace of relation.
You’re a souvenir ghost,
An empty shell.

RF 2018

No poems from me recently, in fact even this one has been around for a while, just never made it out into the world (apart from a reading in Glasgow last year). I can't say much about it. I hope it is of interest to someone.

Tomorrow I plan to join the Climate Strike protest here in Dundee. Let there be change!