Sunday, 2 December 2012

Random poems and a calling

So last week blogger A Cuban in London asked readers to take part in a poetry game/task. We were to grab a book (of poems) and offer a contribution to share with others. The post full of poems is up now (here) and the poem I ended up giving is Edwin Morgan's "The Video Box: No. 25". You can also read it here  (and hear him read it) but beware as there are a couple of typos on that version (and yes, I have emailed the provider in question...).

Other poetry news... International Put Your Poem In A Shop Month (IPYPIASM) is upon us (details here). I can't say I have any inspiration for that event just yet but it is only the second day of the month so I guess I have some time to get ready for that!

Finally I am really looking forward to our local folk club this week because on Tuesday night (4th December) our guests will be the duo O'Hooley and Tidow. Here they are singing one of their slower, moodier songs (they do all kinds). Enjoy.


Titus said...

What a great idea from Cuban! Really enjoyed the post. And love the way you absolutely didn't play the game at all really...

I like O'Hooley and Tidow very much. Why can't you see Tidow without reading Widow?

Rachel Fox said...

You know me... awkward!

I don't get the widow affliction... though I do pronounce the name different every time I think.