Sunday, 13 January 2013

Songs and suns

Montrose sunrise, 9.01.12

Still pretty quiet here... recovering from busy times down south and just getting on with this and that. Managed to catch the beautiful snap (above) one morning after dropping a girl and her saxophone at school (it's a big case, she's still a small girl). Managed to catch up with some great bits of recorded TV whilst doing what seemed to be a neverending pile of ironing (an old Arena with Amy Winehouse, an old Imagine with Jeanette Winterson, an excellent live show from comedian Simon Amstell called "Numb"). Here's a bit of the latter:

It looks like the whole show is on youtube though I imagine not for long. I loved it... maybe not all of it... but the bits I loved I really loved... and, on the whole these days I find stand-up comedians fairly tiresome. Amstell even makes a poet joke in this show - excellent!

Been listening to a lot of music too... a lot of radio. Enjoyed this song on the Lauren Laverne show on 6 Music the other day (it was a January Blues special):

The song sounded familiar (it's been covered a lot) and eventually I worked out the version I knew was one by English musician Johnny Dickinson (great guitar player, been very ill of late, played our folk club here in Montrose a couple of times). The above version though is the original by Jackson C. Frank and, goodness, if you want to read a sad story go and read about his life.

Nothing else to share right now... may your January Blues be gentle ones...



hope said...

Beautiful photo. Trying to envision a wee girl and a saxophone...then again, she is growing up. :)

January it's trying to break a record for HEAT! Weird. Today, my husband's "little sister", who was 11 when I met her, turns 50. That seems weirder than the weather. :)

Rachel Fox said...

No heat here!

One of my brothers turns 50 this month too... yes, hard to believe!


A Cuban In London said...

Beautiful post not just for the image, but also for the following:

a) your girl plays the saxo; my son, too! And yes, he might be fifteen (today, as it happens) but it's bigger than he is.
b) you watch telly whilst you iron!:-) Welcome to the club. That's my Sunday routine. In fact, I've just discovered that I've got Catch-up on Sky Arts 1 and 2 n my Virgin Media Freeview. Now, my ironing takes a couple of hours minimum! :-)

Greetings from London.

Rachel Fox said...

Oh yes, the ironing is really just an excuse to watch something interesting! You don't find me in such a hurry to do other housework...

She's been at the sax since September so it's still quite new. Going well so far though.