Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Different steps

Well, it's official - I have absolutely no time to blog in this new... job/life. So for now it's good-bye and catch you on facebook or in the flesh (that sounds weird).

p.s. Surprising info on the above song here . The song is always the thing!



Sheila MacFarlane said...


hope said...

Sadly, I understand. Sadly because your wit will be missed...and in part because I think I've missed something which has transpired to bring you to this point.

NO GUILT! That's right, go forth into the brightness without guilt. After all, you can still touch base with us from time to time. Enjoy!

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks Sheila. See you soon no doubt.

Not quite sure what something you're referring to Hope... or the guilt... but it's always good to be missed!


hope said...

"new job/life". Figured I missed an update. :)

Guilt...only mentioned because several blogs I read have decided to stop and all claimed to feel guilty at going away. Didn't want you to feel that way.

Rachel Fox said...

Most of my present updates are not suitable for publication! Confidentiality and all that.

As for guilt - not a drop! If anything I think I felt more guilty about blogging when I could have been doing something else more often!


Niamh B said...

Best wishes with it all, will be here if you ever do decide to return!!

Thurman said...

This is cool!

Titus said...

Aaargh! Just found this. Expect many more knocks on the door.