Thursday, 24 March 2016

This year's fears

This year’s fears

So some of us are scared of airports;
The flatness of them,
The waiting,
The type of possibilities.

Also tunnels;
Smoky, dark tunnels,
Where there should be light,
And air.

Some of us fear forgetfulness;
Being useless,
Not helping,
Letting the rest of us down.

‘The rest of us’ fear night and day,
That nothing will ever be right again,
That ‘home’ and ‘safe’ are old words,
For other people.

And some of us are just scared;
That soon even fear will disappear,
That it is nearly over,
Whatever it was.

RF 2016


The Solitary Walker said...

Just caught up with you again. Welcome back to blogworld!

The Solitary Walker said...

And have just read your recent poems... really like them... thanks for posting, as they say...

Rachel Fox said...

Hello old friend!
I think I had about four or five years off (poems... blogs). In fact I thought maybe that bit of me was finished (and I was OK with that in some ways). But here I am again...
Thanks for reading.

The Bug said...

Here in the US, if the Republicans win the presidential race, that last stanza will be me. Done with fear & moving into some twilight realm. Which I know, even as scary as that possibility is, it's not even close to the very real life & death fears that so many people have now.

Rachel Fox said...

Yes. There have been some terrible candidates in the past but... words fail us all on this one perhaps.

martine said...

That made me very sad for some reason. thanks for sharing x

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, fear and sadness go hand in hand!
Nice to see you again on here.

Niamh B said...

A good sum up of this weird time Rachel.