Friday, 26 August 2016



You get to a milestone;
You look around, take stock.
Maybe you sit down,
Have a drink of something,
Maybe with friends,
Maybe not.

You review the route so far,
What’s loved, learned, lost.
There is a soundtrack,
You recall some of it.
Maybe the greatest hits,
Maybe not.

RF 2016

So, I realise that since I've been writing poems again (and posting them here and elsewhere) that most of them have been fairly sad. This is with good reason (many sad things to see and feel around us...) but even so... it cannot always be this way. So the above is (I hope) at least not too much about death (though I think nearly all poems touch death somewhere... don't they?). I suppose this one started because a lot of people I know are turning 50 this year (my turn in a few months) so I am at that thinking-about-time-passing stage a lot of the time, it is unavoidable. Mostly I think we are just all lucky to still be here in whatever form we have arrived. Oh and people keep posting old music on facebook... and that kind of thing. So here you are - thoughts on pausing and the past and what-not. Happy Friday.

Photo is of abandoned bus stop up at the former Sunnyside hospital (photo taken end July this year). The site has been sold recently so I guess this bus stop's days are numbered.


Scott Henriksen said...

Akin to the feeling provoked by the distant sound of a plane heard passing high overhead whilst lying in a sunny Summer meadow.

Rachel Fox said...

Have you been doing that today..?

hope said...

I've already passed that milestone you're coming up on and I can tell you still pause along the way to review your journey and wonder where the next bend in the road will take you. :)

Anonymous said...

Like it! It has an almost punk dry wit to it.

The Bug said...

I do only recall some of the soundtrack (and of course worry that I have early onset Alzheimer's when actually I was never very good at paying attention & remembering things). At 52, I think I've finally reached the point where I accept that I'll never lose that weight & become a cute young thing again. That's kind of a milestone, right?

I think they should keep the bus stop! Paint it & leave it be for the occasional weary traveler who just needs to get out of the rain for a minute :)

Rachel Fox said...

Old blogging friends aplenty - hello all! Old as in old friends not as in old people... not that we care - much greater issues in the world!

And yes, Bug, I would like to preserve that bus stop (for the Poetry Bus perhaps) but I doubt it will live forever...