Friday, 11 November 2016

Entry number 2

So in the last post I offered my first entry for the Great Trump Inauguration Poetry Competition. Maybe it was a little angry. Maybe it could be misread (largely I was using his voice, or one of his voice's anyway...). Still, I'm going to try and come up with a few alternatives because I really want to win this competition! And like Trump I will say just about anything to secure my win. If I was a hashtag person I suppose I might try and start #Great Trump Inauguration Poetry Competition... maybe someone else will do that. There will be a positive, life-affirming, all come together entry yet to come (I am sure!) but it might take a few weeks. People keep crying on the news, beloved artists keep dying... it's all very inconsiderate.

At least in part my second entry was influenced by this article. And possibly the fact that I keep seeing mention of some shop's TV Xmas ad. (because that's news, obviously...).

The Great Inauguration Poem Competition – take two.

We expect a lot of politicians,
Too much perhaps.
They are only human after all,
If we’re lucky.

We want them to fix everything,
Be plumber, joiner, carer, nurse.
We give them the keys to our castles,
And our cells.

We write them letters,
‘Dear Santa, please outlaw abortion’.
We have our own focus,
And they have theirs.

RF 2016

Photo from 2013, Pennan, Aberdeenshire.

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The Bug said...

"They are only human after all, If we’re lucky." Yes, if we're lucky. This year we're NOT lucky & we elected a Cheeto. Sigh.