Sunday, 13 November 2016



Cry today for our choices that are so poor.
Kill or be killed,
Starve yourself, or others.
What choice is that?

Cry today for our view that is crooked.
Hate because you’re told to,
Because you want to,
Because it feels good.

Cry because your god is bitter.
Love thy inconvenient neighbour,
Not just your family,
Or love is mean.

And cry today because you can,
Because you still care,
And remember what good can be;
It is a choice.

RF 2016

Photo taken from Caterthuns, Angus, yesterday.


The Bug said...

Yes. The part about "inconvenient neighbor" really hits home because many (most) of my neighbors voted for Trump, and also because I'm lately having to work with some difficult folks at church.

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, challenging times now... and ahead.

Thanks for reading... I know I've been posting quite a bit lately and it's nice to hear/see another voice!