Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Round and round

Near Dunkeld, last week

So, we had our election. Of the two largest UK parties, the party that didn't win was celebrating and the party that (kind of) did was... not so much (at least not in public... too busy doing the deals and handing out blame). That party (the Conservatives) always seem to win somehow though... even when it doesn't say that on the list of results. They move sideways a bit, they hide from view a little, they change their colours, they play a bit of golf. Here in our local constituency of Angus the winning colour changed from yellow (SNP/Scottish National Party) to blue (Conservative) and many of us here felt very blue (in the other sense) about that. I am not a party member (I have never joined a political party) but ours was a good MP and it's a shame he got washed away (this time) by the Conservatives in Scotland and their fairly one-message (anti-independence) campaign. It may not be the only issue here but undeniably one of the big issues in Scotland is still Scottish independence (whether some people like it or not... it hasn't just magically gone away). Some people still feel very strongly 'aye' and the opposing side (whatever their party) are digging in their heels deeper than ever. Some people think this election will see independence hopes put away for another generation but others most definitely do not so nothing has really changed in that regard. Other people's opinions are hard work!

I wrote a little poem on election result day. Some of you have seen it on facebook already (my most shared poem ever I think...). As I said on there I haven't lived in a Conservative constituency since 1989 and I'm sad that my adopted county went this way, this time. I love the colour blue and I always feel a bit sorry for it being associated, as it is, with this particular party. Also when I said "Blue window/To another day" on the back cover of my new book this was not what I meant!

Angus blues

Blue is the colour of my county's wallet,
The ribbon is too and the sky is grey,
The clouds hang low like a broken bonnet,
Sad is the song for our bairns today.

RF 2017


The Bug said...

Lovely poem - captures how I felt after OUR last election. Although in our case blue is good (at least to me).

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, maybe we shouldn't let them use the poor old colours at all!

Rachel Fox said...

N.B. Just realised I had posted the wrong version on this post (with 'true love' where 'county' should be). I copied from my original file and not from the final version I put on facebook. Whoops. It's right now. My true love is anything but blue (well, unless it's very cold out)

roth phallyka said...
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