Saturday, 1 July 2017

In print and things

So today, if you see 'The Scotsman' newspaper and turn to page 23 of the Magazine section you will see a poem by... the author of this blog. It's quite exciting (for me). You can't access it online – just via the print copy (or above).

Maybe you've arrived here because of this publication (in which case 'hello'). Looking for me via online searches often brings up wedding sites (particularly amusing to anyone who knows me...), thanks to one, quickly written and now fairly old, poem that has been used and recommended for a few weddings. Still, it gets me on lists with Robbie Burns and Liz Lochhead so I'm not complaining. Other search results include an actress (not me) and a writer of 'cowboy poetry' (not me either... at least not yet).

If you are a new visitor and you fancy buying my latest book/pamphlet 'Turn' it is available from various sites and shops – all details here, including new stockist the DCA (Dundee Contemporary Arts). From my website it only costs £5 (incl P & P) to UK addresses and £7 (incl P & P) to anywhere outside the UK. Quite a few of the poems in it are on this blog so feel free to look around. The poem featured in 'The Scotsman' is one of the older poems in 'Turn', so old it was on the previous blog (back in April 2010, written for one of the Poetry Bus prompts...'sex drugs and rock'n'roll' was the subject that week...). Many of the poems in 'Turn' are more recent. 

Other things for your attention this week:

The amazing Kim Edgar getting a song played on the Radio 2 Folk show (here).

Local musician/songwriter Gary Anderson releasing his new album (here).

And don't miss the brilliant Benjamin Zephaniah guesting on Frankie Boyle's TV show (here).

I'm still learning at Twitter too...

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