Thursday, 19 April 2018

Music and gods

A little while ago I told you about an old friend and musician (Ana Laan) who was crowdfunding her new project. The funding was a success and the music for that project (an EP called 'Camino del Agua') is now available. You can buy it here and I have seen it on the other site as well (the big one... that many of us use.... even if we maybe shouldn't... the Coca Cola of shopping sites...). If you want an actual CD to hold in your hand you can contact Ana at to arrange that (she is based in Spain so postage costs from there I imagine). The artwork (by Jesús Placencia) on the CD is lovely and the music... my favourite track changes all the time but at the moment it is 'Dionysus' (and funnily enough there was a documentary about Bacchus/Dionysus on the BBC just recently... and an interview with the historian on my favourite radio show). Being whatever the opposite of a classicist is I have to look up the names of Greek/Roman gods over and over again (they refuse to stay in my brain). I might manage to remember this one now though! 

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