Tuesday, 29 May 2018

For the birds

For the birds

Attack has all the glory.
Loud solos trilled
From tops of trees.
But defence is all,
Defence is key,
And without it
You’ll see us
Beheaded and bleeding,
Tossed aside on the path,
Just results of a game.

Fledglings learn the deeper drill,
That flight and fight
Can sing aloud
In every voice –
Harsh, pretty, coarse.
Maidens must march,
And soar and score,
And learn the happy truth 
That to protect each other
Is to protect ourselves.

RF 2018

I suppose this poem (new today) reflects recent events (both home and away) - a dawn chorus walk, lots of time outside, a continuing obsession with music, the Irish referendum and even a football match. Our heads are so full... poems are one way to release some pressure (I find).


The Bug said...

I love this - especially as I heard an almighty blue jay battle at my dad's house today.

A Cuban In London said...

Your poem resonates. It resonates all around me. :-) Thanks.

Greetings from London.

Rachel Fox said...

Blogger seems to be having issues with email notifications of comments so I just saw these 2 comments. Thanks for them you two - it means a lot to know my work is being read and valued. x