Sunday, 7 August 2011

The route

We have spent some of this, our first quiet Sunday at home, plotting the route that we took from February to July around the US and Canada. It is above (obviously) and we've also done a list with links to individual posts for anyone who might want to just go and visit a particular place of interest (that's all here).



swiss said...

hurrah, you're back! it'll be a bit of an adjustment i'd expect. we're off the next couple of weeks. if we're up your way we'll give you a shout and you can tell us all about it

Rachel Fox said...

That would be lovely. Hope to see you soon.

Marion McCready said...

What a journey! Don't know how you had the energy for it, just trying to imagine it is exhausting!

Rachel Fox said...

Ah but you have 2 small children - they sap your strength! Plus I think when we travel we sometimes turn into different people - people who can do more. And also we didn't have to do lots of the things that use up energy at home (haven't hoovered for months for example... ).

Rachel Fox said...

The other thing is that we do very little driving at home in our regular lives - hardly any - so all the traveling was something very different for us. Kind of a novelty.

Niamh B said...

excellent! Definitely will use this if I ever get to go anywhere again - ye sure took the long way around!!! Fabbo

The Weaver of Grass said...

Wonderful journey Rachel. I am sure that red-haired girl came back so changed for the marvellous experience.

Kat Mortensen said...

You should have filmed the journey, a la Palin, or Fry, or Connolly. It certainly looks daunting when you see it all mapped out. Well done, you guys!

Rachel Fox said...

We had certain must-visits, Niamh, like New Orleans in the south and all the family stops and that dictated the route really. Yes, fairly long.

That girl, Weaver, did have a good time but was very glad to get home too.

We made quite a lot of little videos, Kat, but nothing for TV! There was a series "Family Gap Year" on TV here last year and we did watch it. Pretty sure we didn't want to be on it though!


McGuire said...

Great to see the route. That's a mighty journey around the U.S. and Canada. Mighty experience.

And just read about your blog more and your poetry-death and cynicism. Or private indifference to that pretentious world of words.

Glad you are back online in a more regular form. Keep in touch. I'll be reading.

McGuire :)x

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, it was pretty amazing. Now that we're back to the school/work/skiving routine it does sometimes feel like fiction (did we really go? to all those places?). Pretty good fiction anyway.

Poetry-death! I like that. Suitably dramatic. I feel a bit wilted in that direction (poetry)... never mind, there are plenty still standing tall and fighting for the light!

And what keeps me online (apart from sight of own voice...) - all you lovely people! Blog friends - nothing better.