Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sights of Midwinter

Yesterday cousin and I headed south (well, to Forfar) for lunch and an art exhibition. Forfar is the Angus "county town"... it's also pretty grey and landlocked (unlike coastal Montrose and Arbroath - the Angus towns I know better). In Forfar you can see the hills... and get a very good lunch at a place called Springers (best chocolate cake I've had in a long time). We hit the charity shops, the gallery, looked up at the lights.

Road to Forfar:

Forfar Xmas lights:

Something missing:

I do like a Xmas tree:

Something with bells on:

Well, some of the lights came on:

Santa really does fly over Forfar:

No snow here yet but some over on the Angus hills (road back towards Brechin):

And then today the schools broke up at lunchtime. In the afternoon I walked the dog on an old railway embankment nearby and watched the sun go low (this photo taken at 15.03... sun set not long after):

And tomorrow our visitors arrive and then it's cook, cook, cook and non-stop games playing till Hogmanay. Happy holidays everybody.



The Weaver of Grass said...

And a very happy Christmas and New year to you all Rachel - yourself, that man and the girl - and not forgetting doggy too. Love

hope said...

Can't believe today is the first day of Winter...and it felt like spring outside, plus it rained..warm rain, not cold stuff.

Thanks for the photographic tour. Hmmm, maybe the hotel thought they'd found a cheap way to spell Noel. ;)

Word verification: ovene

Domestic Oub said...

Happy Christmas Rachel :) Great photos :)

Rachel Fox said...

They're all a bit bleak (the photos), aren't they? Kind of empty. I kind of like that in a photo, I suppose.
I think we're a bit past the first day of winter here, Hope. Been sliding about on ice for a couple of weeks now!

Eryl said...

Visitors and cooking, that sounds like Christmas to me. Have a lovely one, X

Rachel Fox said...

You too.

Titus said...

Happy Holidays! I want to stay at the Hotel Hole!

Rachel Fox said...

Well, have you been a good girl this year..?

The Solitary Walker said...

Yes, I like bleak too. Christmas can be so damn melancholy! Love it. Ok, got that out of the way. Have a great Christmas! You may start the games-playing now.

PS word verification: dentiouc. Had a tooth out yesterday!

Dominic Rivron said...

Merry Christmas! From the photos it looks as b****y grey and miserable up there as it does down here. Sorry, I'm moaning worse than Christina Rosetti's frosty wind. :)

Like the sound of Forfar.

Rachel Fox said...

Forfar always reminds me of North Yorkshire market towns, Dominic.

There have been grey days but there have been some magnificent winter skies too... for some reason those photos are more on facebook just now. Not on purpose!


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Rachel. Your sights of midwinter are fantastic. I particularly like the lights and the hills. Much love to you and your family xxx

Rachel Fox said...

Cheers Selma. Thanks for calling in!

The Bug said...

Love the lights - they have a nice variety. Well, I missed Christmas so I'll say happy new year instead!

Rachel Fox said...

Not long now... getting ready for 2012.