Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Pushing out boats, dancing up suns

Photo - Manitowaning, Manitoulin Island, Ontario (last July)

So the Aberdeen-based arts and literature magazine Pushing Out the Boat has its new issue (no. 11) out now. You can read about it (and sales outlets) over here. There is lots of good work inside... oh, and a poem of mine (I don't do much poetry-magazining these days but I've kept with the Boat... and the Bus of course!). I guess I just like travel themes...

Music festival here in Montrose this weekend (exciting!). And there's one of those open-studio arts festival things in Angus too. And it's sunny. Much to celebrate.

Speaking of sun... lovely Australian folkies Cloudstreet were in Montrose last night for a show. And here's their song "Dance up the Sun" - complete with some morris dancing in Australia... You can't say it's predictable over here... (well, not all the time).


The Weaver of Grass said...

You really do have some good arts things up there Rachel - lucky you. Apart from the Swaledale festival, which is on at the moment, this is pretty much a cultural desert.

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, there is plenty to do round here. Sometimes almost too much!


Rachel Fenton said...

That's a super pic - would make a fab painting subject. Did you do any drawing in Canada or was it something you started only when you got back? Hope you're still practicing.

I've not been to much cultural activity at all lately - life's all swim, swim, swim, and I never get in the water - must address that.

Rachel Fox said...

The art classes were after we got back. I barely wrote even while we were away... just travel-planning, taking photos, t'blog.

Yes, I even went to the art school final year shows in Dundee this week too. Much culture!


hope said...

Does this mean I can soak up extra culture by reading about yours? :)

Sounds like a lot of fun. Have a great you need any inspiration to.

Rachel Fox said...

Getting to as much as we can... can't leave that dog forever!