Thursday, 29 September 2011

The return of the fridge magnet...

Above - Edmonton, Alberta, back in July. How I love my crazy North American roadside signs...

So, I am back at the coalface of poetry-work of late (bang bang, scrape, scrape)... and it feels good, it must be said. I've been writing quite a bit... and reading heaps. I wrote a new poem this week that reminded me of an old one (one of the ones people have actually said was good - hah!) and I realised that I've never posted that old one on a blog (though it is in mah book, still available here). I did post it online ages ago but that was on myspace (and heavens, who could even find myspace these days!). So here it is (with audio here - from a while back... my voice sounds young!). Maybe the new poem next week.

Let me be your fridge magnet

Let me slip into your home
Like a leaflet for a loan
Hidden in a free newspaper
Or supermarket circular
I'm not proud

Oh how I'd love to be your Baby on Board
Suckered on to your smoothness
I'd feel every bump in your road
Know exactly how much air was in your tyres
If you let me

I could stick faster still
If you'd let me be your fridge magnet
I'd hang on to your cool place
So perky, so keen
I wouldn't let you down

I'd be superficial for you, gladly
Cling to any surface - as long as it was yours
Then I'd ask softly 'do you understand now?
Do you get the message?
Do you read me at all?'

RF 2006

And whilst some people reference Greek myths and what-not this one (as, of course, the erudite amongst you will already know) refers back to the great Baby D hit of the early 1990s "Let me be your fantasy". Happy days, dancing on the bar nights. Oh go on then, here it is (and look - you can even sing along):



Titus said...

I like this one. But no Baby D! Http/1.1 Service Unavailable showing for me. Bums, I could do with a sing right now. And to be honest, I'm going to have to hear it before I know if I remember it...

Persephone, anyone?

hope said...

I remember that poem! It's one of my favorites!

Have a wonderful weekend.

The Bug said...

Love the poem - I like its "hook" :)

I had never heard of Baby D (which makes sense since I was married in 1990 & therefore not paying attention to the dance scene), but boy she sounds a lot like Madonna to me...

Rachel Fox said...

Don't know why Bug can hear the music all the way in Ohio but you can't hear it in Scotland, T. Speak to your ISP apparently.

Baby D (here) pretty much had this one hit but it was around in clubs for YEARS. Everyone knew it was kind of cheesey but still loved it.


Dominic Rivron said...

I know this one. I always thought it would make a good fridge magnet - perhaps a large, human shaped one?

Rachel Fox said...

I know that my poetry postcards were often used as fridge decoration (kitchen cupboards too... and some even made it into bathrooms... they are very well-travelled cards!). I did think about making some magnets at one point but thought it would end up too expensive and probably not very green. I could get this one onto a card though... if I ever do more cards... which I might. So much to do!