Wednesday, 30 September 2020


Toward, Argyll, Sept 2020



I want to lie in a bed

in a beautiful place,

hear the water lapping,

a robin yelling,

and the sun softly warming

the picture awake.


I want the windows to be huge,

the sky bigger still,

and a horizon so wide

that I run out of eyes.


I want to hear my nearest

laughing and chatting

while I just sit up

with a friendly book

and a cup half-drunk,

proud of its emptiness.


I don’t fear the lines

or what has already gone,

that is how far we’ve come

and lies don’t serve us.

RF 2020


The Bug said...

Lovely - just lovely!

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks Dana x

Marion McCready said...

Beautiful poem!

Marion McCready said...

Beautiful poem!

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks Marion. Helps to write it (or start writing it in a beautiful place). We had such a good time in your neck of the woods... great to see you again too.